“Third time’s the charm” I had been to Burgring 1 twice before and had been equally impressed! What makes Burgring 1 special?  Continue reading “COFFEE AT BURGRING 1”



One of the things I like most about Vienna is its Coffee Culture. When I arrived here, I  immediately perceived that the Viennese Coffee Houses are more than just a quick stop to recharge energy, they are actually a vital part of the city’s experience. As for me, I could spend hours just watching people come and go, and enjoying the cosy atmosphere. Cafe Frei Wien is one of my last discoveries. Continue reading “CAFE FREI WIEN”


Coffee with a friend is always a good idea. Ever since I came to Vienna I had been hearing about the Coffee Pirates, so we thought it would be a good idea to give it a try. It´s not a traditional Viennese Cafe- as you may have guessed from the pictures- but it is definitely worth the visit if you are looking for something modern and cozy. Continue reading “COFFEE PIRATES”