I had been dreaming about this for a couple of months already: sunshine, blooming flowers, sitting outside while watching people go by…. And finally… dreams DO come true. Spring has arrived at Vienna my friends, and the good news is: IT’S HERE TO STAY!

I still remember my first spring in Vienna back in 2016. I was amazed not only by the gorgeous trees and flowers starting to bloom, but also by the local’s attitude towards this season. When days start getting warmer and sunnier here, we all turn the summer mode ON immediately. Seriously, there is no middle point. As soon as the sun is out people run outside trying to get as much sun as possible. (“Vitamin D come to us!”) You can even spot sunbathers when it’s only 16 degrees! The funny thing is I became one of them too, so when Michelle invited me to try out the new burger Kiosk at Naschmarkt I couldn’t say no. Sitting outside while trying delicious burgers and milkshakes seemed like a heavenly plan to me. And off we went to Rinderwahn am Markt !


First of all, you should know I am a bit crazy about burgers. Coming from Argentina, everything that has to do with meat reminds me of home, maybe that’s why going out for burgers is always, always a good plan.



What I liked about Rinderwahn am Markt is the informal style of Naschmarkt mixed with delicious burgers (and divine milkshakes). The kiosk concept invites to sit outside, enjoy some fresh air and simply take it easy (“like Sunday morning”) You serve yourself, so you can go at your own pace.

We started with blond beer, and some All in fries with cheese, onion, jalapenos and bacon, of course. Tip: Burgers can be ordered with a Menu which includes fries and drinks for 9,90 Eur 😉 My personal favourite was the Bacon Charlie Burger


Michelle had the Blauer Toni Burger which has blue cheese and pear. I only heard compliments about it


Bettina, the lovely girl whom we shared our table with, had the veggie burger ( filled portobellos with cheddar and home-made mayo) I think I will have to go back to try that!


The chicken burger looked promising as well … Yum!


And for dessert we had a hard time deciding from so many milkshakes favours. Peanut butter, chocolate, oreo cookie were some of the options. I went for chocolate (what else, right?!)



All in all we really enjoyed our time at Rinderwahn am Markt. Even though we were invited to this event, I am definitely coming back for more tasty burgers.. and if not my husband won’t forgive me for not taking him !






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