I started a project 365 days ago: The Onesie Project.

You see, 1 year ago – after doing my first newborn photo session in Vienna – I came across an Instagram account, in which a mom (Jules) photographed her baby wearing the same Onesie every month to chart his growth. I found the idea simply fantastic.

Believe it or not, despite of not knowing her -or her baby – those pictures moved me. I think that’s the reason why I love photography so much: Being able to capture special moments, the ones you want to get hold on to, is a wonderful gift to me.

Back in 2016 I met Lucy’s mom: Holly. She had won a contest for a maternity photo session with me and since that day we became friends. I still don’t know which one of us was luckier!

After doing her maternity and newborn pictures, I immediately thought about Lucy for this project. Thank god Holly didn’t think I was crazy and accepted to be my partner in crime during this whole year, because the outcome is BEAUTIFUL!

To those of you who are thinking of doing this, DO IT! The Onesie Project brought me soo much joy. Watching baby Lucy grow up to be a funny and sweet one-year old has been a blessing. Every month I would look back at her pictures and be blown away by how fast she was changing. I still remember the month she started smiling at the camera or crawling away because she was more interested in playing with mamma than getting her picture taken!

Ok, enough talking, let’s have a look at the pictures!

This is the 12-month collage:

lucy 1 year onesie

Amazing, right? I would say she started to look more like herself on month 4:

lucy month 4.jpg

And since I’ve taken a looot of pictures, I thought it would be fun to share some of the outtakes and funny facts from this last year:

This is Lucy with 5 days of age, with her mom and dad:

Month 1: the project begins… oh hello there stranger!


Month 2: sweet cuddles with mom:


Month 3: Her picture was taken in winter and it was so dark we had to use artifical light. You can absolutely tell the difference if you have a look at the collage!

Month 4: “Look! Lucy is all smiles!”


Month 5: “Ok, one more picture and then we are done” said Lucy

Lucy - 5 months.jpg

Month 6: Lucy admits being a headband fan

Month 7: Lucy tries to crawl away from the photo shoot. It was a challenge to take her picture!

Month 8: Lucy’s brother, Elliot, decides to join the fun 😉

Month 9: The month when the onesie was nowhere to be found!


Month 10: “The sun is shining and I’m feeling good!”

20170628-IMG_2341 crop-3.jpg

Month 11: Lucy had got a shot on that same day and was pretty furious about it. Her big brother comforted her and she felt much better after the cuddles 🙂

Month 12: The picture when Lucy won’t let go of her new favourite toy, but we have to take the picture anyway!


I hope you liked this project as much as me!

If you want to check more of my photography work you can do it here.

A special thanks to:

+ Holly and Will for embarking on this project with me, you are amazing guys! Your pictures in pyjamas will never be published. Oops, I already did ! 😉

+ The Bee Design Studio for my gorgeous logo I’m so in love with !

+ This is Jules Blog for the inspiration

+ My hubby and mom, who were always eager to watch each monthly picture I took




6 thoughts on “365 DAYS WITH LUCY

  1. Getting better and better in leaps and bounds !!!
    Marvelous pics!!! And a wonderful Account of baby Lucy’s first year and the lovely relationship you have
    struck up with the Koois


  2. Lu hermosas e inspiradoras imagenes. A Victoria tambien le hago una Foto en su cumple mes pero son todas diferentes…en casa de herrero. Lucie disfrutara de un gran recuerdo!


  3. Adore this post so so much, so glad you cam across my Instagram and that what I did with Oscar and his onesie inspired you do this with lovely Lucy! Your gallery of 12 photos is so beautiful!! And sontouched by your words here, thank you so much!

    Jules xx


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