Hello dear readers!

Today I’d like to share with you one of our last short trips. With a long weekend ahead and wonderlust in our souls, we wanted to take a trip somewhere but without spending a fortune. But where could it be? After doing a bit of research, Ljubljana became our firm option. From Vienna it’s a 4-5 hour bus drive and a round trip costs around 60 Eur with Flixbus, very tempting for our budget so we booked an Airbnb and off we went!


We began our day at the Old Town, specifically at Preseren Square:


From there, we walked towards the Triple Bridge and explored the little streets and pretty shops. This part of the city is full of charming details!



Even though we are not fans of visiting all the churches on our way, we were surprised by the interior of St Nicolas Church:


Afterwards, we walked along the river towards the Dragon Bridge and then the other way. There are nice Restaurants to grab a bite and the good thing is that we found them way cheaper than in Vienna 🙂



Our favourite place for a treat was LOCKAL. Try their Milkshakes, they are the best I’ve ever had AND they come with a Donut!


In the afternoon we visited the Tivoli Park, which is a gorgeous public park to take endless walks. Countless fountains and numerous statues are part of its charm. It’s funny that it reminded us of France and we later understood why: the park had been conceived by a French designer:



To watch the Sunset, nothing better that climbing up to the Castle for the most spectacular view of the city:





Lake Bled is something not to be missed, we took a bus from the station which brought us to this wonderful little town:


We took the 90- minute walk around the lake and we absolutely recommend it since you get to see different perspectives of the Pilgrimage Church:

We found out later about Ojstrica (the viewpoint from above) so we have a reason to come back. Hopefully soon! 🙂

All pictures by Lucila Romero and Gabriel Kmenta.

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