Hello, hello dear readers!

I’m back from the holidays with lots of energy (and jet lag!). I won’t deny I wanted to stay in California, but when I saw the Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom my heart jumped with joy! 

Every season in Vienna has its own charm, but there’s something special about Spring in Vienna, and it’s called Sakura. These are the first trees to bloom, and therefore announce the awakening of nature: A NEW BEGINNING. Did you know there is a whole celebration around them in Japan? It must be something special for sure! Unfortunately, the flowers don’t last long, but the good thing is that they bloom at different times so I’m pretty sure you’ll still get to see some of them around. Here are my favourite spring spots. Ready? 🙂

1.-  SCHLACHTHAUSGASSE (u3 Station, Hainburger Weg exit)

If you want to get the feeling of being in Japan for a moment, this is the place. It’s a street full of blossoms and it’s just a 7-Minute ride from Stephansplatz.


2.- FIAKERPLATZ (Kardinal-Nagl Platz, u3 Station ) If you keep walking along the alley which I mentioned above, you will find a little park on your right with some more blossoms 😉


3.- HOFMÜHLGASSE (Pilgramgasse U4 Station, Richard Waldemar Park).

A little park with some benches to sit under the lovely cherry blossom trees. I’m not sure the blossoms are still there though…



Here you will find much more than the Sakura trees, there’s the beautiful lake and countless flowers. If you are lucky, you may even find some Magnolia trees


5.- SIGMUND FREUD PARK (Votiv Church, Schottentor U2 Station)

Here you will be delighted both by Sakura and the most photographed Magnolia tree. Perfect to spend the afternoon watching the sunset.



A japanese park in Vienna not many people know about. The entrance is free so all you have to do is come and enjoy the bridges, the mini Pagoda and the gorgeous flowers, of course! There are very few blossoms left so hurry up! I wrote about this spot in here.




I’m not sure whether these are Cherry Blossom or Magnolia trees, but they are gorgeous either way!


8.- 19TH DISTRICT (Around Silbergasse 38 Tram stop, Thanks Irinahp for the tip!)

Just take a walk around and explore the beautiful houses and blooming trees


I’d love to know your own favourite spots so feel free to share them in the comments below.
















11 thoughts on “BLOSSOMS IN VIENNA

  1. When did you have time to catch also the blossoms in Vienna?! 🙂 beautiful photos! ❤
    I saw some beautiful bloomed trees in Wertheimsteinpark (also 19., next to Heiligenstadt) 🙂


  2. Un deleite para los ojos……y una caricia para el alma……. Gracias Lucila…….muy ajustada tu guia por esa maravillosa Viena.


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