Hello there! Happy 2017!! I hope you started the year with the right foot! 😉

I’ve been taking some time to think what would my first post of the year be, and guess what? Yesterday I had a rush of inspiration! Does it happen to you too? It comes in the least expected moment: this time, it was while baking a cake.

I remembered that I was keeping a wall frame to get something nice printed and hang it at home. The thing is that I’ve had this frame for months and months now… and always found more important things to do than fill it with something special and hanging it.

For me every January is a new start, a time to think what my intentions for the coming year are and to finish “digesting” what the past year has been like. It turns difficult at times because I tend to be very self-critical. I find it hard to acknowledge all I have achieved: I start comparing myself to others and this makes me believe that what I do is “not enough”. Does this sound familiar? – Yes, you are not alone! –

And then it suddenly strikes me. Why am I not comparing myself with my own self? Didn’t I want to start learning newborn photography? Yes, I did. Check. Didn’t I want to be able to work in German? Yes, and I’ve made it. And the list goes on… So why was I being so hard on myself? Wouldn’t life be easier if we treated ourselves like we would treat our best friends? Would you tell her “You should have done more this year”? Well I wouldn’t, instead I would focus on all the great achievements and reinforce “LOOK HOW MUCH YOU´VE DONE !” After all, it’s about getting closer to our dreams. It doesn’t matter how big the steps are, it’s about moving forward.

So going back to my wall frame, for me walking forward meant getting my print finally done, and hanging it on the wall. And you know what? That’s what I did: I went into Canva, made my own design, and printed it :


And after that I went to buy white paint to remake a piece of furniture… – holy hell was it a productive day!! But that story is for another post 😉 –

I guess what I am trying to say here is that “We are enough, a thousand times enough”. We only have to keep our goals in mind, as a reminder of where to spend our energy and efforts. Sometimes it just takes baking a cake to remember what’s our next step 😉


7 thoughts on “A KIND REMINDER

  1. What a wonderful reflection! It is true that our lives are full of ‘If onlys… ‘ and ‘ifs or buts’ and being self-critical hinders our capacity of enjoyment. Very positive tip!!!


  2. Me encantó! Podría haber escrito uno muy similar salvo que no me saldría tan bien escribir todo eso. Btw…me apunto a una porción de torta y una copia del print, marcos también tengo vacios 😉 besos


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