Looking back on our amazing stay on the island, we made a list of the things we enjoyed the most, which may come in handy if spending just a couple of days or even a few hours in Mykonos:


1- The white narrow alleyways. The streets are a maze, so don’t even try to follow a fixed direction…Mykonos pays great attention to detail so we enjoyed spotting them along our way: have a look at the unique doors, flowers and stylish decorations. Also, walking in circles was part of the fun and adventure! 🙂

2- Little Venice. The colorful houses by the sea make a perfect postcard and spot for some afternoon drinks. Sit back and relax!



3- Enjoying the sunset from an infinity pool. Sunsets in Greece are well-known for their rich colors. However, watching it directly from a pool overlooking the see was priceless!  (See timelapse)


4- Trying the local food at a non-touristic place. We found Mykonos to be a very exclusive island and as such, the prices were mostly high. When looking for a place for dinner we usually asked the locals for a recommendation and weren’t disappointed! Try the Gyros, Souvlakis and Greek salad. Delicious!

5- The windmills. They are present in EVERY postcard from Mykonos and there is a reason: They are the island’s trademark! You just have to see for yourself. If you climb a little more you will have a second set of windmills with a nice view to the city. Get your camera ready and snap your own selfie at this famous spots!



6- The churches. There are lots of them, both rustic and beautiful! They are a signature of the island and you won’t help admiring them. The most well-known is the Paraportiani church.

7- Exploring, exploring, exploring..

. I am convinced that walking is the best way to get to know a new place and discover hidden spots…Simply get lost through the white washed streets and the classy shops…you might even end up meeting Petros, the island’s pelican!

That’s all for today, thanks for reading! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂





  1. What beautiful photos! I visited Mykonos for a very short period of time (literally less than 24 hours ☹️) so we didn’t get to enjoy it as thoroughly. I loved seeing Little Venice and the Windmills though, so I feel like I didn’t miss out on a true Mykonos experience!


    1. Sure!! You can definitely get a feel within a few hours! I would like to go back on summer to see the beaches. As we went in October they were almost closing, maybe next time! 🙂


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