One of the things I like most about Vienna is its Coffee Culture. When I arrived here, I  immediately perceived that the Viennese Coffee Houses are more than just a quick stop to recharge energy, they are actually a vital part of the city’s experience. As for me, I could spend hours just watching people come and go, and enjoying the cosy atmosphere. Cafe Frei Wien is one of my last discoveries.Located a stone´s throw away from Stephansplatz, this modern coffee-house was the perfect break during my day in the city center.







What caught my attention in the first place is the photogenic atmosphere – what else?- and the 70 different coffee recipes that are proudly offered -yes, 70!- Coffee can be prepared in countless styles: going from Italian, French, American to Japanese or Arabic (see last picture) Luckily, the staff were very friendly and made a recommendation according to my preferences, so my choice was the Missisipi Kastanienkaffee-Chestnut Latte: simply delicious! If you are more into tea, there is a wide choice of gourmet blends as well (try the Oma´s Fruit tea), and even ice coffees, which are so refreshing these days!

Finally, in case you are wondering what are the little bottles you see in the pictures: these are flavored syrups, perfectly combined on every order to make from each coffee something special. Cool right? 😉


One thought on “CAFE FREI WIEN

  1. Dear Lucila, your description of this coffee house was absolutely enthralling!!! On my next stay in Vienna I will make sure not to miss the chance to pop into this amazing highlight


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