It has been a long time since I wanted to make a post about this magical town: Hallstatt. I have been living in Vienna for almost 9 months now and I have already visited Hallstatt on 3 different occasions: winter, spring and summer. So you may guess how much I love this little beautiful spot! Today I would like to share some impressions and tips from these visits so that you make the most of a day visit to Hallstatt:

– If you can choose, plan your visit for spring/summer. During this season you will enjoy plenty of colorful flowers and a much better weather than in winter. But if you can make it only in winter, go anyway! You will find a mystical landscape, which is charming and unique.

– You can reach Hallstatt by train + boat or car. I would say one day there is enough to get a good taste of the town, however, sleeping over must be equally great as the evening views must surely be fantastic.

– Climb up to visit the Pfare Hallstatt (Parish of the Assumption). Not only will you enjoy it for its architecture, but also for the views you will have from the top. Besides, there is a little cemetery next to it which shouldn’t be missed.

– Enjoy the many lookout points around the town to make some unforgettable photos of the HallstΓ€tter lake and the picturesque houses.

– Make a visit to the Marktplatz (central square) and have a walk to admire its buildings, little cafΓ©s and adorable tiny streets.

-There are some shops in which you will find underground Roman ruins, which you can visit for free!

-Last but not least, have a Wiener Melange with a typical cake at a Konditorei (Coffee House) As for me, I tried Cafe Derbl and was gifted a mug together with my coffee order! So I got my Hallstatt souvenir!Β  πŸ™‚

I hope you let me know your own impressions when you visit!

Enjoy the pictures!












6 thoughts on “HALLSTATT

  1. I love Hallstatt, it’s an absolutely fairy tale village! I’ve been there during summer and autumn and would like to visit when there’s snow ❀ Your photos are amazing as always!


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