It all started two months ago. My family in law were coming to Vienna to visit us for the first time since we moved. The trip would be in May and although the time schedule was a bit tight, we wanted to make a short trip around Austria so that they could get a “taste” of the country. And here began all the planning and research… We had already been and fell in love with Hallstatt so that was a must. But what if we added some leisure days in another less touristic town? Tirol came to our minds. We had never been there and it seemed like a nice place to relax and enjoy nature. And we couldn’t have been more right!

DAY 1. Our trip started in Vienna and we travelled by car. We took the route to Salzburg through the north and our first stop was Mondsee:


The Mondsee is a beautiful lake, which is just 20 minutes away from Salzburg and surrounded  by a charming little town. Consider making a stop if you are on this route. After that we went directly to Salzburg, where we made a light – yet necessary – lunch stop to charge some energy in order to climb up the hills.Walking up the Mönchsberg allowed us to have an amazing view of the city and of the castle (Festung Hohesalzburg):


Afterwards, we came down and crossed the bridge making our way to the famous house where Mozart lived, to the city center and to the Mirabell Park, the place where the last part of the Do-Re-Mi song from the film “The Sound of Music” was filmed (video here). Actually if you watched the film a couple of times, you will find lots of familiar places through Salzburg.



Finally, to end our 3-hour-trip to Salzburg we had a nice walk through the Salzach river:


After driving some more hours we arrived at our final destination for the day: Gonzach, Schlaiten. We had booked a 4 night farm stay in the middle of the mountains through Airbnb with Peter and Myriam.


What we found when we arrived: lovely members of the family who came to welcome us,  the cutest dog ever, endless fields with flowers, houses hanging from the mountains, and some curious cows. We couldn’t help but ask ourselves: “Are were dreaming?”

DAY 2. It rained lightly so we took it easy: went up the mountains to have some nice views from Lienz and the Austrian Dolomites. Afterwards, we went to the Tristacher lake:


DAY 3. We headed in direction South Tirol, which is in fact in Italy. It is surprising that in this region they speak both Italian and German, so all the signs are on both languages. Plus, we didn’t have to pay any taxes or fees to get to our destination: St Maddalena in the bay of Funes. Our first stop was the breathtaking, green-watered Lago di Braies (or Wildsee in german) -thanks Myriam!-


Then, we continued our trip going up and down the hills while admiring some of the most beautiful and impressive landscapes we had ever seen, side by side with the Dolomites that were always part of this fabulous scenery:


And in the end we had our first view of St. Maddalena, the little town which you can see in every postcard from the Dolomites:




We went to the church, took some fresh air, many mental photographs, and we were ready to come back to our home in Gonzach.

DAY 4. We had heard about the Großglockner, the highest peak in Austria, so off we went to Kals am Großsglockner, a little town with spectacular valley views, which is very near by:


When we came back we had some drinks with Myriam, Peter, and their family. We had the best time around them and laughed a lot, not only because we’d had some beer and caipirinhas but also for the funny stories we shared from our own cultures. It was the perfect end for our trip.

A BIG THANK YOU TIROL, we hope to see you again soon !




All pictures by Lucila Romero and Rodolfo Gabriel Kmenta.


12 thoughts on “TRAVELLING IN TIROL

  1. Awesome pictures, would love to experience the farm stay in such a peaceful environment
    Could you kindly provide Peter/Myriam’s email address please?


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