“Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to find something beautiful in the ordinary”

Yesterday I visited the amazing Hirschstetten Blümengarten (in English: flower garden), which is located in the 22. District. I must admit that until this week I had never heard of it, but – call it fortune or just destiny- I got a recommendation from a German teacher who claimed that this park was “one of the most beautiful in Vienna”

As you know I love discovering new places… SO OFF I WENT !

What I liked the most: the colourful flowers, the fact that there are lots of benches to sit and even deck chairs which are placed over sand -very beachy! 😉 -, I was able to have a looong walk since the park is huge, if you are adventurous you can try getting out of a maze, there is a lovely romantic area where people actually celebrate their marriage, and last but not least, believe it or not: there’s a Zoo inside the park!

How to get there with public transport: Straßenbahn 26 Station Spargelfeldstraße or Bus 22A, 95 A, 95 B Station Blumengärten Hirschstetten.

Important to know: the entrance to the park and the Zoo is FREE!

So if you are wondering what to do this weekend with friends, kids, family, or your loved one… this is THE place! I hope you enjoy it and let me know your opinion 🙂


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Ayer visité el hermoso parque Hirschstetten Blümengarten ubicado en el distrito 22. Debo admitir que hasta esta semana nunca había escuchado hablar de él. Sin embargo, ya sea por casualidad o destino, una profesora de alemán se refirió a él como “uno de los parques más lindos de Viena” y a así es como decidí visitarlo y comprobar esta etiqueta con mis propios ojos.

Lo que más me gustó: las flores de todos los colores, el hecho de haya muchos bancos e incluso uno puede recostarse sobre reposeras sobre la arena!, se puede caminar un largo rato ya que el parque es inmenso, para los más aventureros hay un laberinto, me encantó además la zona romántica especialmente preparada para celebrar casamientos, y por último aunque no lo crean hay hasta un ZOOLÓGICO!

Como llegar con transporte público: Con el tranvía 26 (estación Spargelfeldstraße) o el Bus 22A, 95 A, 95 B (Estación Blumengärten Hirschstetten)

A tener en cuenta: la entrada al parque y al zoológico es gratis!

Entonces si están buscando un plan para el fin de semana, ya sea con hijos, pareja, amigos… este es EL lugar! Espero que les guste y me cuenten que les parece! 🙂









  1. I see you are exploring the outskirts of Vienna. Isn’t it exciting to discover something new? I admit I have never been or heard abut this place. I’m planning my wedding and I see it’s a perfect place! I have to go there for a walk when I will be in Vienna next time. Thank you for sharing this information with us, photos are gorgeous as always!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Pepa!! Thank you very much for your comment! 😊 It looks like a perfect place for an outdoor wedding, doesn’t it? When are you coming to Vienna? It would be nice to meet up. Have a great day!


      1. I wanted to be at Vienna on Summer Night Concert, but I find out at that time I will be in Sweden, so I have no idea when I will come to Vienna. I have to find another excuse :). It would be really nice to meet you!


  2. the pics. look more like paintings than photographs. and the place seems to be taken from a fairy tale book.
    Simply gorgeous!


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