Pay with a Poem

Imagine a world where you could pay goods with an inspirational thought or a poem. It may seem crazy, but yesterday my wish came true. For the first time, I took part in the “Pay with a Poem” annual event. In case you haven’t got a clue what this is about, let me introduce you to this original concept.

Once a year Julius Meinl, the famous coffee brand, gives the opportunity to exchange a poem or a thought for one of its coffees. As simple as that. Even though this event is massive in Europe, it is also slowly expanding in the USA and Australia. In Vienna, countless traditional Cafes adhere to this unique initiative. So a friend and I packed up our Cameras and dove into this Monday’s adventure!

This were the 3 Cafes we visited:

1- Cafe Landtman. What we ordered: Franziskaner (espresso with cream) and Häferlkaffee  (milk with a little coffee) What was funny about this Cafe is that the waiter was super serious about the “Pay with a Poem” concept and warned us that the poem should only be written in German, and that it couldn’t be copied from the internet. Tough stuff. When we finally managed to write something down, he even read our poems to check them!!

Challenge: PASSED!




2- Cafe Korb. What we ordered: 2 Kapuziner (the Wiener version of the italian Capuccino) What was funny about this Cafe: while we were enjoying our coffees TV reporters came in and started making interviews to the guests. Even my friend appeared on TV during the night report!





3- Cafe Schwarzenberg. What we ordered: Omas Häferlkaffee (Granny’s milk with just a few coffee) and Apple Juice (too much coffee for my friend!) What was different about this coffee: The great variety of cakes! Try the Klimt Torte, in honor to the Austrian painter. It has a little Pastry-painting on it 🙂




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