Some days ago in the German Course we were asked to pick a topic in pairs and make a presentation that should last 10 minutes. At first I was a little bit shocked, because speaking German nonstop during such a long time –ok, I´m over-reacting, I know..- seemed such a difficult task. My partner and I decided unanimously that we would speak about cultural activities in Vienna.

Coffee plays such an important role in Vienna´s Culture that I found it fun to speak about something else besides the typical Touristic Sights. Did you know that even once a year there is an elegant Ball in the Hofburg to honour Coffee? Having this in mind, I chose the most well-known and impressive from all Viennese Coffee Stores: the “Café Central”

Café Central is as impressive from the inside as from the outside. I am no architect but I remember the first time I saw it: I stayed some minutes just admiring its façade and the magnificent construction. I couldn’t believe it was opened in 1876. In fact, this was definitely THE place for “Intellectuals” during the 20th Century. Some of its regular visitors were Freud and Leon Trotsky.

You will maybe have to wait a little bit till you are seated, so maybe a good idea is to go early, and avoid weekends if possible. But if you have no choice, then while you wait you can enjoy the charming atmosphere and of course start exploring the tempting and delicious Viennese pastry. Don’t be embarrassed if you feel a sudden urge to try all the cakes, it happened to me as well!! I would definitely recommend to try the “Wiener Melange”, a coffee specialty from Vienna with a slice of cake -they all look so good!-. In my case, I chose the Truffle Torte, and it was a success! Last but not least, if you happen to go by night, maybe you will be lucky to hear some live Piano music 😉






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