Coffee with a friend is always a good idea. Ever since I came to Vienna I had been hearing about the Coffee Pirates, so we thought it would be a good idea to give it a try. It´s not a traditional Viennese Cafe- as you may have guessed from the pictures- but it is definitely worth the visit if you are looking for something modern and cozy.

In the Coffee Pirates you won´t see tourists, but mostly students because of its location- just in front of the Uni Wien, in the 9th District. What I loved the most about Coffee Pirates was the Good Vybe: It´s definitely a happy place. Colours everywhere, wood walls, chalk drawings, and some other really nice spots. There is even a cute shop with Coffee from all around the world – only Ecuador and Argentina were missing, but anyway…-

So If you are in Vienna, get yourself a super-size Cappuccino and enjoy with the Coffee Pirates 🙂












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