Someone told me that sunny days in Vienna are not so common during December. But guess what? Yesterday we were lucky to have not only a bright sunny day, but also a temperature of 13 Degrees! (Who said the winter in Austria was cold?) So being such a nice day and having such a great weather, staying at home would have been a crime. Therefore, we decided to head to a half-day trip to Dürnstein (around 70 km from Vienna).

You may be asking yourself ´What is Dürnstein?´ It is a lovely small town, which is situated in the Krems Land District along the so-called Wachau Valley. This 40-km Valley is well-known for its breath-taking landscapes and colourful vineyards. Therefore, as you can imagine, it is mostly visited during the summer.

So, going back to Dürnstein… this is one of the most visited areas in the Wachau Region, and now I can understand why:

-To start with, over the town are the ruins of an impressive medieval castle, in which King Richard I of England (Richard the Lionheart) was held captive in 1192. Visitors can hike 20-30 minutes that are totally worth the effort, in order to reach to the top of the castle and have some of the most amazing views of the Danube, the Wachau Valley and the lovely town. There are even some delightful viewpoints along the way!





– Secondly, there is the picturesque Augustinian Abbey Church of Dürnstein, which has a baroque style in the inside and some frescos to admire.


– Last but not least, strolling around the town itself should not be missed. The little streets are just adorable and you will find lots of spots worth photographing.





Bonus track: On our way back we saw an incredible sunset!








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